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Author: Holly Smith

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The OG Snackers

Hi Sara and Maria here! We love snacking. We love it so much that we started Well & Truly so that we could spend our days snacking and call it work. Our number one focus is taste and flavour!

We have a range of wickedly addictive savoury crisps and a range of oh-so-creamy, plant based and ethical chocolate.

Every brand has a story, and this one started in a garden shed

Cousins Sam and Laura have always appreciated the humble popcorn snack and its power to enhance special moments spent with friends, family and loved ones. When they discovered gourmet popcorn during a trip to the USA, they realised there wasn't such a thing available in the UK. So they jumped straight into their kitchen to pop countless popcorn kernels and make an endless amount of fresh caramel. So much so, that they managed to break a hob and air popper in the process. Oops!