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Check out these new Protein Flapjacks! TRIBE was inspired by a 1,000-mile run by our three founders Tom, Rob and Guy, who ran across Eastern Europe to help raise money to fight modern slavery. We have a dual mission; to lead a plant energy revolution & end modern slavery. We create natural, plant-based energy products for active lives and TRIBE is the UK’s fastest-growing Natural Plant Energy Brand.

Gut health is revolutionising our approach to health and wellness. Looking after your gut is one of the most effective ways to enhance overall health and wellbeing. As a relatively new area for scientific research, taking care of your gut health can seem complicated and overwhelming - especially with all the misinformation and pseudoscience out there.

Swedish-developed Barebells was founded in 2016 to wow taste buds around the world with a variety of protein-enriched alternatives to traditional on-the-go snacks. Ever since the brand launched in UK gyms in 2018, it has continued its expansion throughout the sport & fitness, retail, convenience, and foodservice sector.

Flawsome! started as a wonky idea and turned into a successful drinks brand that creates delicious juice from wonky and surplus fruit. After all, who cares if an apple is the wrong shape or colour? Taste is what matters — and Flawsome! drinks are packed with it. With added health benefits, Flawsome! Juices, Sparkling Juice Cans, and Health Shots are tasty, alcohol-free, and B Corp certified.