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Marna Iced Tea: Created for the Good Times

Our journey was inspired by a road trip along the west coast of the US, and born out of our home kitchen in London. At the beginning we focused on making jugs of homemade iced tea for friends and family after realising that there were no iced teas, that, well, tasted like real iced tea should.


Marna Iced Tea LemonOur Mission

At Marna Iced Tea, we directly source our premium whole-leaf teas from sustainable growers in India. Ensuring freshness and quality while supporting local communities. Our expert supplier works with artisan farmers, selecting teas based on superior appearance, aroma, and flavour. Moreover, this approach not only yields better tea but also promotes higher wages and employment in the region. Therefore, bypassing middlemen to ensure more resources reach the growers directly.



Our Products

A blend of Assam and Darjeeling black teas. Our iced teas are cold brewed for over 24 hours to capture the rich and distinctive flavours of the tea leaves. We complement our cold brewing technique with naturally-sourced ingredients, which are delicately sweetened in our pursuit of creating the healthiest, best-tasting iced tea.


Marna Iced Tea PeachMarna stands for great taste without compromise. Our zero sugar iced tea is the choice for anyone looking to enjoy the full, rich flavours of a drink without the guilt. We’ve cut out the calories and crafted a drink that puts the spotlight back on what iced tea should be about: the tea itself. Marna is that drink you can reach for every day without a second thought.


100 million cups of tea are drank a day, but in the UK, we haven’t done iced tea all that well… and so, we’re on a mission to fix that!

We didn’t invent iced tea, but we’re changing everything about it.


Our Products Available at Delicious Ideas:
  • Marna Peach Iced Tea – 3.3 calories, 0.4g of sugar
  • Marna Lemon Iced Tea – 1.7 calories, 0g of sugar


Marna Iced Tea cans



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Written by Tristan and Mauro, Founders of Marna Iced Tea 💜

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