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BEPPS is founded by female entrepreneur Eve Yankah who was inspired by her then 4-year-old daughter to produce a healthier, more inclusive crisp for children to enjoy.  Using black eyed peas as the main ingredient, a food Eve herself grew up eating during her childhood, Eve produced our award-winning pea popped snacks in a range of delicious flavours.

XITE Energy was founded in June 2017 by entrepreneurial couple Oliver Bennett and Megan Jones and has taken the UK market by storm. The company manufactures “better for you” energy drinks and protein bars with nootropic ingredients – which are now successfully sold into 5000+ locations in the UK (petrol forecourts, high street retail, convenience stores, offices, universities and gyms).

A few words from Steve Bessant, the founder of Boostball, about their story, inception, goals and vision - with a focus on Keto products. Innovation is the key for small business! As Boostball continues to evolve and innovate to survive, it has been a rollercoaster ride, so being brave and innovating has kept us alive! As we launch our new website, I thought I would share with honesty, our journey so far.

NOCCO, a delicious range of tasty performance energy drinks, was founded in Sweden in 2014 and brought to the UK market in 2018.

“We set out to create a caffeine enhanced drink with similar benefits to the best protein-enriched drinks on the market at the time, but with added functionality, better taste and zero sugar.” says Maria Ledesma, Trade Marketing Manager @Nocco

Curious about more vegan options? Flower & White is best known for our range of great tasting, low calorie snacks. Like many small businesses, our journey began at home, where Co-Founder Brian started experimenting in the kitchen with bakes, whilst also looking after the children! Co-Founder and wife, Leanne soon joined the venture and the business has gone from strength to strength, winning awards, moving to bigger premises (and out of the garden shed!) as well as expanding our range of light and indulgent snacks. We take the pleasures of sweet snacking seriously and everything we do is driven by our philosophy to live lightly and brightly.  

Hip Pop is a gut-health soft drinks brand that started due to one of the founder’s tummy issues. They produce multi-award-winning kombucha and living soda and their mission is to save humanity from gut gremlins by craft-brewing soft drinks that taste good, do good and look good.

Prodigy makes delicious chocolate that enables healthier choices for ourselves and our planet every single day. Chocolate that contains no refined sugar, is low in natural sugar, vegan, gluten and dairy free, compostable, biodegradable, palm oil and plastic free too. Sameer Vaswani, the founder of Prodigy tells us all about it below:

Check out these new Protein Flapjacks! TRIBE was inspired by a 1,000-mile run by our three founders Tom, Rob and Guy, who ran across Eastern Europe to help raise money to fight modern slavery. We have a dual mission; to lead a plant energy revolution & end modern slavery. We create natural, plant-based energy products for active lives and TRIBE is the UK’s fastest-growing Natural Plant Energy Brand.