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Bottle Up: Every bottle counts

Until now, water on-the-go meant choosing between pricey refillable water bottles, and wasteful, irresponsible bottled water. Bottle Up replaces both!


We know that defeating single-use plastic, means out-competing it on every level. That’s why Bottle Up was designed from the start to be as affordable, and convenient as bottled water, but just as good for the planet as a refillable.


Water on the go is not going away. And why should it?


These days, it’s a part of our carefree, active lifestyles. The convenience of bottled water is great! It’s the wastefulness that has to go… Bottle Up offers consumers that sustainable choice.


Bottle Up - Fresh water in developing countries Carbon Negative

We chose sugar cane, because it’s a low impact crop, requiring little to no fertiliser or additional irrigation. Sugar cane as the name implies, is where we get sugar. But that’s not all we get.

Once all the sweet stuff is squeezed out, the remaining pulp, called bagasse, can then be used as fuel, feed, fertiliser, or in our case; turned into durable plant-based bottles.

Our sugar cane comes from Brazil using sustainable farming methods and is fully compatible with the UK recycling industry across all colours.


Bottle up poster
Made Blue Foundation 

Bottle Up isn’t just planet positive, it’s people positive. Every bottle sold means another donation to our partners at Made Blue.

They’re doing wonderful work, ensuring clean, safe drinking water to communities in developing countries all over the world. So far we have been able to donate over 70 million litres of clean drinking water through our bottle sales. Access to clean, safe water, means education, higher income, and better health.



Bottle Up Water bottle for world water day

World Water Day 2024 

This Friday we are celebrating World Water Day and this year we are asking our partners to match our donation of 100 litres of clean water per bottle sold. Our goal is to raise 10 million litres of water to add to our total over over 70 million litres. Feel good! Your Bottle Up is more than just planet friendly. It’s people positive.




Every bottle sold provides 100 litres of safe drinking water to people in developing countries, and we at DIFG will match this donation.

Grab yours here. Be the change.


Written by Andrew Eversden, Co-Founder of Bottle Up 💜

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