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Mummy Meegz: Mind-blowingly good vegan chocolate

Nestled in the heart of Yorkshire, Mummy Meegz has emerged as a beacon of vegan innovation, thanks to the pioneering spirit of Meagan Boyle, a 75-year-old vegan trailblazer.


Mummy Meegz founder and familyWith a lifelong passion for chocolate and a vision for a kinder world. Meagan has turned her café into a hub of creativity, masterfully reinventing beloved chocolates as vegan delights. Her journey began with the creation of the Chuckie Egg. A vegan marvel that has since become a symbol of the brand’s commitment to cruelty-free indulgence.


Inspired by Meagan’s dedication, her son-in-law Dean embarked on a mission to bring vegan chocolate to the masses. Leading to the development of vegan alternatives to Lindt Lindor Balls, Cadbury Mini Eggs, and Freddo’s. Mummy Meegz, a family-owned enterprise, stands as a testament to the power of vegan values, supported by its sole investor, Veg Capital, a vegan non-profit organization.


Mummy Meegz Choccy ballsTheir mission

The brand’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its use of home compostable packaging for products like Choccy Balls and Billie Bars. Setting a benchmark for environmental responsibility in the confectionery industry. Choccy Balls, the world’s first impulse version of a vegan Lindt Ball alternative, and Billie Bars, a nod to Cadbury Freddo. Are just a few examples of Mummy Meegz’s innovative offerings. These products, along with the beloved Chuckie Egg and the newly introduced Chickee Eggs. Have not only challenged the status quo but have also garnered widespread acclaim, reinforcing the brand’s position as a leader in the vegan chocolate market.


Our products available at Delicious Ideas:

Chickee Eggs – The world’s first vegan M!lk chocolate swap. It was as popular as could be selling out with time to spare and is set for a huge re-launch in 2025. This product received 5 star reviews across all of our online platforms and ranked in the top 50 for chocolate selling products on Amazon.

Billie Bar – The world’s first vegan version of the iconic Cadbury Freddo, and we do a White Chocolate version too. These snack size products are only 89 calories (Oat M!lk Chocolate) and 92 Calories (White Oat M!ilk Chocolate).

Choccy Balls – This is a vegan swap for a Lindt Ball and is the world’s first impulse version coming in a home compostable 3-pack. The balls are made in Switzerland and use a Creamy M!lk chocolate with a silky smooth centre. Before launching we tested this product on non-vegans and they could not tell the difference, in fact many proffered our version.


Mummy Meegz products



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Written by Dean Adamson, Founder and Director of Mummy Meegz 💜

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