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Meet Well & Truly and discover how they Dared to Crunch in A Quiet Place: Part II


‘Maria and Sara launched Well&Truly because they love snacking. No seriously. They love it so much that their mission is to unjunk the nation’s favourite crisp flavours. Unjunking means taking all of the nasties out whilst keeping that crave worthy taste that keeps you digging to the bottom of the pack.’

‘It all began when Sara and Maria were enjoying their weekly movie night whilst snacking away. And then it hit them. Why not remove nasties so that they can scoff even more.’

‘In true more-ish fashion, they focus on taste and flavour, and have a range of wickedly addictive savoury crisps. All their crunchies contain all natural ingredients and no added sugar, as well as being gluten free and 40% less fat than the average crisp. What more could you ask for?! Now that they’ve rid crisps of their naughty bits, you can finally snack like you mean it. Naughty flavour. Nice ingredients. Plain and simple. They call this ‘Naughty-ish’ – just that little bit naughty.’

Well & Truly’s Naughty-ish Snacks

‘Yes Well&Truly are naughty-ish, but they also take pride in the impact that they have on consumers’ health. Since launching, the brand has taken 35 million grams of fat out of the supply chain. Just to repeat, that’s 35 million grams of fat. They thrive off helping to contribute to a healthier lifestyle. Even with their snacks being 40% less fat, Well&Truly do not compromise on taste and flavour and have a range of 6 punchy flavours.’

‘Which one is your favourite?’

Banging BBQ – These crisps have a sweet & savoury rubdown – they’ve practically thrown them on the grill to get a BANG in each bite.

Really Cheesy – Cheese snacks –  a socially acceptable and crunchier way to snack on a whole block of cheddar. Criminally cheesy.

Smokey Paprika – Tucking into these naturally paprika-flavoured corn crisps is like committing a little legal arson on your tastebuds. Shockingly smokey.

Sour Cream & Onion – We’ve seriously cranked up the tang factor on these crisps to stupidly sour cream & onion-y. 100% worth the onion breath.

Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar – Crammed full of flavour and crunch, this snack is a satisfying winner. Do not attempt to eat with chapped lips.

Punchy Pickles – Brace your taste buds for a PUNCH. You won’t have to be caught with your fist in the pickle jar.


‘Well&Truly partnered with Paramount Pictures UK to celebrate the launch of A Quiet Place Part II (cert 15), the sequel to 2018’s hit A Quiet Place.’

‘What better partner to launch a silent, nail-biting thriller with than a loud, crunchy crisp? The campaign, #DareToCrunch, was brought to life by Made In Chelsea pranksters, Harvey Armstrong and Tristan Phipps, with a naughty-ish launch video on Instagram and Vimeo’

‘Sara Trechman, co-founder of Well&Truly stated, “we were so excited to be working with Paramount Pictures UK on the launch of A Quiet Place Part II. We founded Well&Truly after realising there was a need for proper, naughty-ish movie snacks, so we are thrilled to be making our mark in the world of film partnerships with this campaign. We loved how naughty-ish the concept of daring to crunch throughout the movie was – it’s a real nail-biter!”‘

‘Keep your eyes peeled for another Well&Truly X Paramount collaboration coming soon!’


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