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TRIBE raises £1 million with the TRIBE Freedom Foundation

TRIBE running event for charity
Who are TRIBE?

‘TRIBE makes vegan performance nutrition from the highest quality natural ingredients. Our mission is to lead a plant revolution and to end modern slavery.’

‘Since the TRIBE journey began, the community has raised an epic £1 million raised to fight modern slavery; creating a life-changing impact for +10,000 survivors and potential victims.’

What inspired TRIBE’s mission?

‘In 2013, we set off to run 1,000 miles in 30 days across Europe to increase awareness of modern slavery and raise funds to support the first UK home for trafficked children. This was Run for Love; the journey that inspired the TRIBE mission and rallied hundreds of everyday runners and adventurers together to support our cause.’

‘TRIBE Freedom Foundation was established in 2017 to continue the journey which started with Run for Love. It is an independently registered charity, on a mission to end modern slavery and empower the survivors. The charity works by raising awareness of trafficking, supporting survivors and enabling frontline projects to prevent modern slavery. 1p from every TRIBE product sold is donated to TRIBE Freedom Foundation and together, we empower communities to create an impact.’

Read more about TRIBE Freedom Foundation and their work in the latest Impact Report:

Tell us about the recent Tribe Night of Adventure Auction

‘TRIBE Freedom Foundation continues to grow its impact exponentially and in October, the TRIBE community hit £1 million raised to fight modern slavery, supporting frontline projects which help prevent modern slavery and empower the survivors across the UK.’

‘To celebrate the occasion, we hosted the TRIBE Night of Adventure, an epic community celebration to highlight the incredible projects that we are supporting and say thank you to the community heroes who have helped enable it all to happen.’

Who are TRIBE’s three community heroes?

‘As part of our campaign to celebrate £1 million raised to fight modern slavery, we launched three Limited Edition designs for our Honeycomb Triple Deckers, featuring one of three words for the front of the pack. These were selected by three TRIBE community heroes as the word that summed up the TRIBE mission.’

Deo Kato, who ran 10km every day for 381 days in a row to protest racial injustice and police brutality, chose PEACE. Watch Deo’s video here.

Deo Kato | PEACE | TRIBE on a Mission

Tom Crossland, who ran 3,000km around the UK to raise funds for TRIBE Freedom Foundation, chose COMPASSION. Watch Tom’s video here.

Tom Crossland | COMPASSION | TRIBE on a Mission

Emily Chalke, Founder of Ella’s, a safe house for trafficking survivors that TRIBE Freedom Foundation has supported since 2018, chose LOVE. Watch Emily’s video here.

Emily Chalke | LOVE | TRIBE on a Mission

Where do I purchase TRIBE bars for my business?

Find TRIBE’s range of delicious vegan performance bars here and place an order today!