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Nurturing Your Gut: The Key to Overall Wellbeing

Jamu Wild Water: The connection between our gut and overall wellbeing, including mental health, is a fascinating topic. Consumers are increasingly interested in understanding why the microbiome, made up of trillions of microbes, has such a significant impact on our health.


We had the opportunity to speak with Jamu Wild Water about their prebiotic water range and why supporting your inner ecosystem can make a positive difference in your health and wellbeing.


Jamu Wild Water

The Research

The gut-brain axis has gained attention in recent years. Research suggests that the gut plays a significant role in other body systems, including the brain. It’s been shown that gut microbes can influence the central nervous system, the immune pathway, the endocrine pathway, and the metabolic pathway. They also synthesise neurotransmitters and metabolites that affect all these systems.


According to Tahi, one of the Co-founders of Jamu Wild Water, “our gut microbes have the ability to hijack our cognition, mental health, hormones, and even our immune and metabolic response – for better or for worse. This intricate relationship underscores the importance of digestive health and the need to take simple measures to maintain optimal gut health.”


Jamu Wild Water

Jamu Wild Water Products

That is the founding philosophy behind Jamu Wild Water. Their sparkling waters are all-natural, sugar-free, and designed with the microbiome in mind. Each can contains 100% of your daily prebiotic fibre requirement and a combination of botanicals such as dandelion, marshmallow root, and elderberry, offering a refreshing and delicious way to hydrate and unlock the benefits of a healthy gut.


Doing Good

With all their talk of rewilding the microbiome, Jamu Wild Water is equally passionate about rewilding in nature. They pledge 10% of profits to biodiversity projects as well as to their mission, which is to support young people in reconnecting with nature for their health and wellbeing.


Our award winning prebiotic products available at Delicious Ideas:

Sparkling Lemon – Natural lemon flavour + botanicals with benefits: nettle & dandelion extracts

Sparkling Blood Orange – Natural blood orange flavour + botanicals with benefits: echinacea extract

Sparkling Raspberry – Natural Raspberry flavour + botanicals with benefits: elderberry & marshmallow root extracts



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Written by Patrick Grant-Sturgis, Founder of Jamu Wild Water 💜

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