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Delicious Ideas Food Group work with local charity: Little Miracles

Delicious Ideas Food Group has been working very closely with local charity, Little Miracles, to help the local community.

Becci Mears, Senior National Account Manager at DIFG, works with local charity over lockdown 2020

Becci Mears, Senior National Account Manager for Delicious Ideas Food Group, was looking for a way to help the local community during the first COVID-19 lockdown in 2020. Becci found her calling at local charity Little Miracles. Alongside Jill Bedward-Jones, now Family Support and Emergency Supply Co-Ordinator at Little Miracles, she volunteered to help with packing food parcels at Chilton Food Stores who supplied surplus food. Becci then was given a local area in Peterborough where she delivered the parcels to a list of families who could not afford to buy their own food at the time. Along with delivering food parcels to families struggling to make ends meet in Peterborough, Becci, and Jill’s team also worked closely with local charity Little Miracles.


Jill Bedward-Jones, Family Support and Emergency Supply Co-ordinator at Little Miracles tells DIFG about the work they do for families in the UK

“Little Miracles is a charity that supports families with children that have additional needs, disabilities and life limiting conditions.” Jill says “Little Miracles exists to reduce this isolation and to ensure that families get the help that they need in order to support their families fully. Their activities and Family Support Workers provide a lifeline to the families and their children with the varied support that we are able to offer.” Through Jill and her team’s work, over the last two years they have been able to provide over 65,000 food parcels to Little Miracles and under-privileged families in the Peterborough area. They have been able to do the latter with the use of community fridges and a food-delivery network.

DIFG’s work with Jill’s team and Little Miracles from Summer 2020 to present

Since the summer of 2020, Delicious Ideas Food Group have joined the effort already delivering four vanloads of stock to Jill and the Little Miracles charity. Jill tells us “With the help of supermarket chains Lidl and Marks & Spencer, we are able to provide our thousands of families in need with a range of fresh and frozen food which is truly incredible”. “However, the treats that DIFG supply us are luxuries that our families are just not used to, and by providing these to our families, we are truly able to lift their spirits and really make their day”. Jill says, “The treats put such a smile on the families faces and it is clear to see that it has a positive affect on their mental health”. Jill was asked by the CEO of Little Miracles, Michelle King what it was that brings her joy. Jill said, “Putting a smile on other people’s faces and helping them with their challenges”. Becci Mears, Senior National Account Manager at DIFG says, “It is truly amazing to be able to help such a fantastic cause, and we are just so pleased that our snacks and treats are providing such amazing benefits to the families and kids that Little Miracles and Jill’s team help on a daily basis”.

Jill tells us “Knowing companies out there are happy to provide food and drinks to us is amazing and really does make a massive difference”. If you are a business with surplus food or drink in the East Midlands and would like to get involved with the above, get in touch with Jill on 07584 066672! You can also visit the Little Miracles website at

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