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February 2023

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If you have a gut, you need to look after it. That’s why The Kernel (aka Cathy Moseley) started Boundless in 2017. Whilst suffering with her own gut issues she decided that enough was enough – our guts deserved more. Taking snacking matters into her own hands, Cathy spent hours in her kitchen perfecting flavour combinations and activation methods ready to take them to a manufacturer. The journey was a tough one – nobody had tried to do quite what she was doing, on this large a scale – but she got there eventually and it’s been a whirlwind ever since.

At Peter’s Yard, we combine Swedish tradition with British craft and natural ingredients. From small beginnings importing the crispbread from a bakery in Sweden, we started to gain recognition from top chefs and won numerous awards. Demand soon grew and we needed a bigger bakery. Our range is now made in our artisan bakery in the UK, following the original Swedish recipe.

Rheal is one of the newest brands here at DIFG and below is their story as told by Charlotte Bailey, Co-founder. In 2012 I was studying for my A-levels and juggling a part-time job in retail with a busy dance schedule. Being busy was nothing out of the ordinary for me, however, my body for the first time felt like it was barely surviving and certainly not thriving. I quickly began losing weight and was struggling so badly with fatigue,

BEPPS is founded by female entrepreneur Eve Yankah who was inspired by her then 4-year-old daughter to produce a healthier, more inclusive crisp for children to enjoy.  Using black eyed peas as the main ingredient, a food Eve herself grew up eating during her childhood, Eve produced our award-winning pea popped snacks in a range of delicious flavours.